Let’s be blunt: MO cannabis culture is a great niche, founder says a year after legalization vote.

Let’s be blunt: MO cannabis culture is a great niche, founder says a year after legalization vote.

A year after Missouri voters approved recreational marijuana at the ballot box, demand for high-quality cannabis products has exceeded expectations, said Michael Wilson, whose Kansas City-based operation quickly became a best-selling Show-Me State brand.

The past year has been a wild ride as anyone can suspect from an early emerging market like cannabis,” said Wilson, co-founder of Franklin’s, which began in 2023 with just two products in a handful of dispensaries.

Franklin’s employees produce pre-rolls at the company’s Kansas City manufacturing facility; photo by Tommy Felts, Startland News

The company — one of Startland News’ Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2023 — rapidly became the largest manufacturer of blunts in Missouri with products being distributed to more than 130 locations. Franklin’s has produced more than 500,000 blunts and pre-rolls this year so far, Wilson said.

We put a great deal of craftsmanship into making the perfect blunt, so we’re very excited to see how well the demand for blunts has soared over the past year,” he continued. “Blunts are something we believe to be deeply ingrained in Missouri cannabis culture and it’s our intent to continue serving the customers of Missouri the products they desire the most. From a business perspective, it’s a great niche to be in.” 

Franklin’s also manufactured more than 30,000 bottles of James Lemonade and Guy’s Root Beer, making good on a high-profile partnership with the Guy’s brand and fellow Kansas City serial entrepreneur Andrew Miller.

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