Established in October of 2020, Franklin's is a licensed marijuana infused products manufacturing facility located in the heart of Kansas City, MO.

A company culture built on

Respect, authenticity and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, we encourage innovation and creativity, allowing our team to think outside the box and drive forward with passion and determination. At Franklin's, we don't just build products or services; we cultivate a dynamic and supportive community where everyone is empowered to excel.

We love the products we create.

Our passion for our creations is evident in every product we craft. At Franklin's, we're not just manufacturing items; we're infusing each product with our dedication, meticulous care, and innovative spirit. When you experience our products, you're engaging with something that's been made with heartfelt passion and profound craftsmanship.

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We care deeply about providing exceptional customer service.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to outstanding customer service. We place immense value on the opinions and experiences of our patients, consumers and budtenders, understanding that their insights are crucial to our growth as a company.

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We're local.

Kansas City is our home.

Rooted in the heart of Kansas City, Franklin's stands as a proud local business with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquarters nestled just south of the iconic skyline. Our manufacturing facility is not just a place of production; it's a hub of innovation and excellence - equipped with advanced capabilities for in-house manufacturing.

Quality is the cornerstone of our ethos.

We're not just creating products; we're crafting experiences with precision and passion. Known across Missouri as the 'blunt masters,' this title has been earned through years of relentless dedication to continual improvement. At Franklin's, quality is a way of life.

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100+ dispensaries.

Franklin's presence spans across the State of Missouri, with our products proudly self-distributed to over 100 locations. Our extensive network ensures that whether you're in major city like Kansas City or St. Louis or a sleeper city like St. Joseph, Springfield and Joplin, our commitment to accessibility means you're never too far from experiencing a Franklin's product.

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Franklin’s is a creative and innovative cannabis company built with the future of work environments in mind. We are expanding quickly and looking for a wide variety of skillsets to fill career opportunities in extraction, sales, marketing, compliance, finance and more.

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