At Franklin's, our mission is to deliver premium cannabis products that cater to consumer needs, without compromise. From carefully selecting the finest flower sources to utilizing our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, we prioritize quality and consistency above all.

Blunt (Packs)

Crafted exclusively from the finest whole flower "A-grade" buds, without any shake or trim, our 5-pack of blunts ensures an exceptionally slow and smooth burn. A hallmark of Franklin's since 2020, these 3/4 gram blunts are manufactured to be always fresh. The bud in our blunt packs comes from a select group of indoor growers in Missouri, creating a distinctive blend of strains that maximizes the entourage effect for a truly unique experience.

Technical Specs.

  • (5x) 0.75 gram blunts / pack.
  • Total bud: 3.75 grams.
  • Blends: Berries & Cherries, Kush Kingdom.
  • Bud type: Indoor. Whole flower. A-Grade.
  • Wrap: Tobacco and nicotine free.
  • Container: Recyclable glass and child resistant.

Blunt (Singles)

Using only top-quality, whole flower buds without any shake or trim, Franklin’s blunts offer one of the slowest and smoothest burns on the market. Available in 1 gram and 1/2 gram, Franklin’s unique blends combine multiple strains of flower for a unique full-spectrum experience.

Technical Specs.

  • Sizes: 0.5 gram and 1 gram.
  • Blends: Berries & Cherries, Kush Kingdom.
  • Bud type: Indoor. Whole flower. A-Grade.
  • Wrap: Tobacco and nicotine free.
  • Container: Pop-Top (Child resistant).

Blunt (Infused)

Each blunt is skillfully packed with the finest, top-shelf whole flower, meticulously infused with high-quality distillate to ensure a "transcendent" experience. Renowned for their smooth draw and ultra-slow burn, these blunts are designed to deliver a consistent and elevated journey.

Affectionately dubbed as “Bangers” by enthusiasts, Franklin’s infused blunts are not just a choice, but a statement in smoking experiences.

Technical Specs.

  • Sizes: 1 gram and 1.75 gram.
  • Estimated THC: 35-40%
  • Bud type: Indoor. Whole flower. A-Grade.
  • Infusion type: Distillate.
  • Wrap: Tobacco and nicotine free.
  • Container: Recyclable glass and child resistant.

Pre-Roll "Party Packs"

Each pack contains 10 half-gram pre-roll sticks, meticulously rolled in Zig Zag rice paper cones. These single strain pre-rolls are exclusively filled with premium, whole flower, Grade-A buds, ensuring a pure and potent experience without any shake or trim.

Designed for enjoyment and sharing, these party packs are more than just pre-rolls; they are a celebration in a box, destined to become the highlight of any party and a favorite among those who appreciate quality.

Technical Specs.

  • (10x) 0.5 gram pre-rolls / pack.
  • Total bud: 5 grams.
  • Estimated THC: 20-30%
  • Bud type: Indoor. Whole flower. A-Grade.
  • Wrap: ZigZag ultra thin.
  • Container: Recyclable glass and child resistant.

Pre-Roll (Singles)

Using only top-quality, whole flower buds without any shake or trim. Available in 1/2 gram. Franklin’s unique production process results a blissful smoking experience.

Technical Specs.

  • Sizes: 0.5 gram
  • Single Strain: Strains will vary
  • Estimated THC: 20%-30%
  • Bud type: Indoor. Whole flower. A-Grade
  • Wrap: ZigZag ultra thin
  • Container: Pop-Top (Child resistant)


Franklin’s vape carts are the ultimate choice for consumers seeking a top-quality experience with exceptional value. Franklin’s 1-gram vape cartridge packs a potent punch, testing over 85% THC content, ensuring a truly elevated experience with every puff.

Our dedication to quality doesn't stop at potency. Franklin’s 510 vape carts utilize premium hardware components including a ceramic core, a glass duck-bill tip and a heat-treated stainless steel core frame. 

Technical Specs.

  • Sizes: 1 gram.
  • Estimated THC: 80-90%
  • Oil type: Distillate.
  • Terpenes: Botanical.
  • Hardware: AVD Poly EZ Click (510 thread).
  • Container: Pop-Top (Child resistant).

"Gold Bar" Gummies

Indulge in the luxury of Franklin's “Gold-Bar” Gummies, uniquely shaped like the gold bullion bars at Fort Knox. These exquisite pectin-based gummy bars, each containing 20 mg of THC, are heat-resistant, ensuring they maintain their integrity and flavor.

Available in three mouth-watering flavors, these gummies are designed to cater to a range of tastes and moods.

Technical Specs.

  • (6x) 20 mg gummies / pack.
  • Flavors: Peach, Tropical Punch, & Blueberry.
  • Estimated THC: 120 mg per jar / 20 mg per gummy.
  • Oil type: Distillate.
  • Formulation: Pectin based gummies.
  • Container: Recyclable glass and child resistant.

Guy's "Infused" Root Beer

Experience the unique blend of tradition with Guy's "Infused" Root Beer. This beverage offers a rich and smooth root beer flavor, enhanced with subtle hints of vanilla, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary taste. Each 12 oz can contains 10 mg of THC, expertly infused to deliver a balanced experience. Perfect for savoring a laid-back moment or adding a special twist to your social gatherings, Guy's "Infused" Root Beer redefines the classic soda experience with this cannabis-infused delight.

Technical Specs.

  • Flavor: Root beer.
  • Size: 12 oz standard can.
  • Estimated THC: 10 mg.
  • Oil type: Water soluble distillate.
  • Top: Child resistant and resealable.

Our passion for cannabis is evident in every product we create.

We're not just manufacturing items; we're infusing each product with our dedication and meticulous care. When you experience our products, you're engaging with something that's been made with passion and craftsmanship.

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