Franklin’s: How KC’s homegrown hemp company became the next big thing in marijuana

Franklin’s: How KC’s homegrown hemp company became the next big thing in marijuana

In 2021, Greenway spoke to an upstart cannabis company based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Franklin’s Stash House was founded on the idea of uniting the cannabis community with the cannabis industry, aiming to embody the community the brand was birthed from.

Franklin’s first launched in the cannabis industry through legalized hemp. The DIY spirit and drive for success of the company’s founders brought Franklin’s into the fold of visible brands in a quickly emerging industry full of new opportunities.

Bootstrapping its launch by targeting corner stores and neighborhood hotspots where the brand could find its footing while building relationships with dispensaries to carry products, Franklin’s quickly becoming one of the most recognized cannabis brands in the state on the back of its hemp prerolls and hemp flower offerings. 

In 2022, Franklin’s secured license for medical marijuana production in the state. By year’s end, the new offerings and brands from Franklin’s emerged as some of the hottest products in the state, with the company bringing its already successful line of blunts and prerolls to Missouri’s marijuana market and launching the award-nominated infused beverage James’ Lemonade, as well as True State tinctures and balms. 

Now, with approval to operate as a comprehensive license holder, Franklin’s unique flair and stellar products have become fan favorites for adult use consumers as well. In 2023, Franklin’s Stash House will bring recognizable names like Guy’s Snacks and Una Familia into the company’s house of brands, with the first products set to roll out later this spring.

Greenway recently caught up with Franklin’s Stash House Co-Founder & CEO, Michael Wilson, to discuss the journey so far and what lies ahead for a company that continues to embody the spirit of entrepreneurship in a market rich with opportunity that becomes steadily more competitive.

Read the full story over at Greenway Magazine.

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